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Saturday, July 20, 2019

First Female Duo to Ride Andaman & Nicobar Island RiderGirl Vishakha & RiderGP Gayatri

Press Release

July 18, 2019- Pune- (The MysticRiders & Flying Squad India)- Popularity for motorcycle expedition in India growing day by day.  Apart from usual traditional bike expedition, appetite for achieving unique feats is new normal amongst motorcyclist in India. One of such unique  motorcycle ride  MISSION ANDAMAN was executed by The Mystic Riders & FlyingSquad India along with biking partner Throttle.

Mission Andaman
L-R: Gayatri, Nawaz, Mandeep, Vishakha, Nilesh, Yogesh
Sitting: Ansh
Mission Andaman was part of a national level ride OneIndiaOneRide. On which two brave girls from Maharastra joined to challenge their adventure further and decided to complete a motorcycle mission to Andaman & Nicobar Island in February 2019.
RiderGirl Vishakha & RiderGPGayatri set the new record as “First Female Duo to Ride Andaman & Nicobar Island” which is recognized by India Book of Records,  and brings inspirations for million of Indian female riders.

This was the 1st time in Indian riding history when a female rider completed a successful ride in Andaman & Nicobar Island. The ride was conducted between February 18, 2019 to February 20, 2019 for the cause of “Child Right Protection” and “Women Empowerment”
The ride brings hope to many riders across the country and opens up new horizon in terms of motorcycle expedition to Island, which was earlier seen as impossible task, specially  due to sea in middle and how to transport the bike to Island. These two girls had shown the way to whole of riding community across country which created a buzz as well as curiosity amongst many.

Ansh (Member of The Mystic Riders & Flying Squad India) While explaining the details about the ride, provided a detail insight about the planning and execution of Mission Andaman. He gone further to explain, that, initially he was also looking it as an impossible task however continuous efforts and perseverance brought the result to set new high in Indian Riding history. The ride was proposed way ahead from the date of execution, proper permission and legal formalities were under way in coordination with concern authority to transport bikes in to island for a ride.

RiderGirl Vishakha & RiderGPGayatri both were informed just 2 days before the execution date to reach at Visakhapatnam port along with bike and all legal documents for further proceeding. Both taken up the opportunity at hand and without giving 2nd thought postponed their all pre schedule work and started for Visakhapatnam.

RiderGirl Vishakha : Started her ride from Mumbai solo to reach Visakhapatnam via Hyderabad and reported midnight to continue her ride to Andaman next day.
RiderGPGayatri; Started her ride from Kolhapur to reach Visakhapatnam and reported almost at a similar time in midnight.

Prior to the execution of the ride with the help of biking partner Throttle a Whatsapp group being formed to provide all useful information only to the participants the group was getting administered by Nilesh Telkar admin of Flying Squad India. Latter after reaching Andaman the ride was also joined by few members of The Mystic Riders & Flying Squad India as follows: Ansh, Nilesh Telkar, Mandeep, Nawaz, & Yogesh.

Finally all preparation was done and after required paper work all were set to board the ship, a detail informative video was created by RiderGirl Vishakha which can be seen by clicking here.

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