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Friday, December 28, 2018

Day 02: Narmada Parikrama ride by Nitin Koli

#Day2#narmadaparikrama 20th Nov 2018 – Omkareshwar to Dediapada (400 km) - 

Got up at 5 am and as per rule took water from Gomukh and mixed it with water from Narmada river and did Sankalp pooja at Gomukh ghat. After that I started my journey at 7:45 am from Omkareshwar. For this parikrama, throughout journey one needs to keep this mixed water with himself and in any condition should not cross river. Even one can’t go on any island. I took halt at Raj Ghat, Barwani. From there went to Bawangaja and visited famous Jain pilgrim centre Jain Tirthankara Adinatha, the statue is 84 feet high and was created in the 12th century. Road after that went thru dense forest and is in bad condition, which can be only taken by two wheeler or by foot. Road is also tough for 2 wheeler. I reached to Shada at 3:04 pm and filled fuel. From there went to Kashi Vishwanath temple, Prakasha. There are many temples as well. From there I reached to Dediapada at 6 pm. Since no hotels were there I went to Govt. rest house but there also no room was there. So finally went to Jalaram Ashram which came out to be built for people doing Narmada Parikrama. It has one hall and all needs to sleep on the floor. It provides stay and food for free. I met 5-6 other people who were also doing Parikrama by foot. It was good experience for me.

(Route: Omkareswar – Sanawad – Bediya – Kasrawad – Thikri – Anjad – Barwani - Raj ghat – Bawangaja – Patti – Khetiya – Shahada - Prakasha – Akkalkuva - Dediapada.)

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